Keeping track of web site updates is one of the more annoying and time consuming facets of the web as it exists today. To ease the pain for my small corner of the web, there are a few subscription options available to get notifications of new content posted on this site:

E-Mail: Instant Notification of New Posts


E-Mail: Notification of New Comments to a Post
On every post, there is an option to subscribe to the comments for that post. This can be done with or without leaving a new comment. There is an option to be notified of all comments or just of replies to your comment. You can manage your existing subscriptions by visiting the Comment Subscription Management page.

RSS Feeds
Two RSS Feeds are provided:
All Posts
All Comments

Need an RSS feed reader? I recomment Google Reader.

There are third-party services that can provide email notifications of RSS feed updates. A google search brings up the site Feed My Inbox as a popular choice for this service. Just enter one of the above two feeds into the subscription box. Note that if you subscribe to the feed for “All Posts”, this will give you almost the exact same feature as the email subscription noted above, except you get notified once per day of new posts instead of immediately after each new post.