Frequently Asked Questions

This is a list of some of the more interesting questions I’ve been asked about my trip…and a few not so interesting thrown in.

Q: What GPS Maps do you use?

A: Here are a list of maps and my opinion of each (links to be added eventually….)

  • USA, Canada, Mexico: Garmin North America.  Very good maps!
  • USA, Canada, Mesico: Open Street Maps (OSM).  Good in a pinch, but not as good as Garmin maps.
  • Central America: Open Street Maps.  Generally very good, but missing some towns.
  • Central America: CenRut.  Generally very good, but missing some back roads.  Works well with OSM maps.
  • South America: Smelly Biker Wanderlust.  Very inaccurate, missing lots of roads, not free.  Not recommended.
  • South America: Open Street Maps.  Generally very good (Colombia/Ecuador as of this update)
  • Colombia: ColRut.  Generally very good, but OSM is better most of the time.
  • Peru: PERUT. One of the best maps I’ve used. Very few missing or inaccurate roads.
  • Peru: Open Street Maps. Missing lots of roads and some entire cities, especially in northern Peru. Generally not worth using as PERUT is such high quality.

Q: What Bike?

A: See my Bike Preparation Thread

Q: What is your favorite country?

A: Every country has been a favorite for some reason and I would like to return to all of them.

Q: How do you get the bike across ocean crossings?

A: Well, I put on a really long snorkel and go right across the ocean floor.  Though the mid-ocean refueling stops are a bit difficult to arrange.  Seriously, people, you have to ask about this?

Q: How much does it cost to travel the world?

A: Everyone is so different in how they travel, I cannot even begin to answer this for you.  But if you are morbidly curious about my own trip, I’ve given a few hints elsewhere on this site (up to you to find it).

Q: How do you avoid getting tired of travel?

A: Traveling the world has become my way of life.  It is not a vacation, it is a job with its own routines and responsibilities.  The only difference is that I am paid in experiences instead of money.  Someday I may desire a “change of career”, but for now I love this life and the opportunity it offers to learn about the world.  Just like your job, I balance out work (travel) with other hobbies (playing my fiddle, reading, etc.).


More To Come….