The Ghost Town Museum

I have never regretted chasing the suggestions of fellow traveler. So this morning I head towards Bodie.

Once upon a time Bodie was a big mining town with a bad reputation. But fires ravaged the town, the mines stopped being profitable, and the town died. Today it is just a ghost town. Though I would . . . → Read More: The Ghost Town Museum


After a leisurely morning at the campground near Whitehorse Sunday morning, I decided to head towards Dawson and the Dempster Highway. It was mostly rainy and not many interesting views could be seen through the clouds, but there were a few clear patches.

Dawson is an interesting little town. It is setup to . . . → Read More: Dawson

One Step Closer

The trip is one step closer to becoming a reality. My house has been sold, my possessions have been sold, donated, or otherwise disposed of. The bike is almost ready. I have received many of the required vaccinations.

The only thing holding me back now is money. I want more funds available for the trip . . . → Read More: One Step Closer