New Blog Coming….

To all my loyal readers curious what is happening in my travels:

A new blog is coming! Moving forward in my travels, I need a new design for my blog. This will be a lot cleaner if I start from scratch so I am designing a new blog from the ground up including. Here are . . . → Read More: New Blog Coming….

Facebook Link Redux

Try #2 at this facebook link thing. I created a “fan page” for my web site / blog. In theory I can have updates put there automatically, but I suspect it isn’t working at all right now, not even the author timeline link that was working previously. But that is why I am creating this . . . → Read More: Facebook Link Redux


Lots of travelers use Facebook as more or less their only source of communication with the rest of the world and other travelers. I really have no interest in getting into Facebook (sorry Facebook fans), however I have setup a Facebook page and am working on linking it to my web site. If I’m lucky, . . . → Read More: Facebook

Translations, Timers and Performance Updates

I’ve made some changes to the web site based on ideas I’ve had in the past months, other travelers I’ve met, and requests from people who have looked at the site. Here is a list of the changes:

. . . → Read More: Translations, Timers and Performance Updates

Bullfight videos uploaded!

I’ve uploaded the bullfight videos! The original post about the bullfight has been updated.

Anyone interested in Automatic Post Subscriptions?

A feature was suggested that I want to run by you, my readers, for comments.

Grant mentioned frequently forgetting to subscribe to comments and wondered if it is possible to enable this by default (at least for replies to one’s own comment).

This is indeed possible, but I am very hesitant to enable this feature . . . → Read More: Anyone interested in Automatic Post Subscriptions?

New Site Features

I’ve been wanting to make a few changes to the site based on feedback I’ve received. Today has been a rest day, so I spent the time implementing some of them. Let me know what you think:

New feature: Email notification of new posts. So you do not need to check back at the site . . . → Read More: New Site Features

Stuck in Cali

No time in the near future for an update, so here is a temporary update on my status for those curious on why it is quiet again.

I am stuck in Cali. I installed the new vapor digital dash and it works great. Then I went to fix an oil leak on the clutch side . . . → Read More: Stuck in Cali

Waldo’s Return

As a trial run I am re-enabling the widget that shows the location I last had internet access. I’ve found a way to keep it updated easily. But no clue how accurate it will be when I am in some of the more remote locations in the world because it works through a manually created . . . → Read More: Waldo’s Return


Sorry for the recent outages with this web site. They have hopefully been resolved. Read on for details of what happened…

. . . → Read More: Outages….