Milton Friedman on Greed

The year: 1979 The economy: In a recession with no end in sight (at the time) The setting: An afternoon talk show The host: Phil Donohue, a very liberal talk show host The guest: Milton Friedman, a Nobel Prize winner The topic: The economy

This segment on capitalism, greed, virtue, and prosperity is just . . . → Read More: Milton Friedman on Greed

Evan Sayet “How Modern Liberals Think”

An interesting speech on the liberal thought process. … . . . → Read More: Evan Sayet “How Modern Liberals Think”

Does time exist?

Take a physics major, ground the theory with a solid dose of engineering, order it with computer science algorithms, and filter it all through a rampant immagination at 3:00 AM. The result? Bizzare thoughts on the nature of the universe. Concepts that sound perfectly plausable yet are so far fetched there is no possible way to prove it is true or false. Last night, for example, I was contemplating the nature of the universe. This led me naturally to consider if time actually exists, or if it is an illusion of our existance. Allow me to explain. […] . . . → Read More: Does time exist?

Is Democracy Inherantly Flawed?

Ask anyone in the United States of America what the biggest current political controversy is and they will unhesitatingly and universally answer: Iraq. Specifically, should we currently be there and how fast should we pull out the troops.

Answering this question in full is a subject for a PhD thesis, but in summary here is . . . → Read More: Is Democracy Inherantly Flawed?