Learning from the Masters

The annual Accent on Music guitar seminar. The entire reason I had traveled by motorcycle from Colorado to Oregon.

It was an incredible experience learning from the three world-class musicians teaching at the seminar. Mark Hanson wrote the books I originally started with learning the guitar. Pat Kirtley’s playing got me interested in Irish/Celtic music. . . . → Read More: Learning from the Masters

Everyone has a price. Mine is $16…paid to you

Its said that everyone has a price for which they will compromise their principles.

It appears mine is $15.25. Paid by me, to you.

The principle in question? Lotteries and Raffles. Lotteries and raffles are little more than a tax on people with poor math skills. The vast majority of participants will get nothing in . . . → Read More: Everyone has a price. Mine is $16…paid to you

Meeting Heroes

I’ve mentioned before the primary diversions which keep me sane: Motorcycles and Guitars. Yet I’ve only alluded to the later. So here you have some background on my guitar playing….

. . . → Read More: Meeting Heroes