New Blog Coming….

To all my loyal readers curious what is happening in my travels:

A new blog is coming! Moving forward in my travels, I need a new design for my blog. This will be a lot cleaner if I start from scratch so I am designing a new blog from the ground up including. Here are . . . → Read More: New Blog Coming….

Infinite Possibilities

Standing on the edge of the Cliffs of Moher is an exquisitely moving experience. Waves crashing far below. The sun on cliffs that fade away in the distance. Cold wind biting at my nose. The smell of salt on the air. A bare hint of warmth on my face from the distant winter sun. The whole scene leading my gaze off to the horizon. To infinity. . . . → Read More: Infinite Possibilities

The Road Goes Ever On

This photo, taken in northern Argentina, sums up my entire year. The road stretching out ahead of me into infinity, destination unknown. . . . → Read More: The Road Goes Ever On

Wet and Miserable

I wake up in the morning and suddenly I know it is time to move on. I don’t know why, I don’t know where, just that it is time to leave this city. For some unknown reason I want to get to the UK and Ireland. Nothing logical. Just the whim of the moment.

By . . . → Read More: Wet and Miserable

Bucharest to Barcelona

Bucharest to Barcelona

Europe has not been what I expected.

. . . → Read More: Bucharest to Barcelona

Freedom: RIP

Germany. Berlin. I’m walking along the remnants of the Berlin Wall. Once a means of containing and controlling a captive population, the remnants of this wall are now home to a gallery of images. Checkpoint Charlie, that famous crossing between East Berlin and West Berlin, is now a place where smiling tourists get their picture . . . → Read More: Freedom: RIP

Monthly post delayed….

My monthly update is coming but has been delayed. It has been hard to write and it is important to me to get it right.

A Wild Ride

Wow what an adventure this trip has been the past nine months since I gave up regular updates! I have been busy living life instead of writing about it. Yet even so I have decided to start updating this blog again. I am going to try for updates once a month, sharing just a few . . . → Read More: A Wild Ride

The Journey Continues

To all of you wondering what has happened, why the blog posts stopped, this is for you. I am still out traveling the world and I am more dedicated to it than ever. Yet for the moment I am far more interested in living life than writing about it and so this blog is on . . . → Read More: The Journey Continues

Argentina, Cordoba

NOTE: I am adding catching up to old photo galleries. There will typically be no comments, just a few of my favorite pictures and the gallery of all pictures below.

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