About Me


My name is David. Known online mostly as “Othalan”. In 2006 I started riding motorcycles (a 2005 Kawasaki KLR650). Soon after that, the idea of traveling the world by motorcycle occurred to me. To visit all those wonderous places I’ve read about in books and seen on television. Four years later I had fixed my finances and was ready to leave. I sold everything I owned except what I would need for the trip and a few boxes of memories. I took a wildly successful career as a software engineer and chucked it out the window for the dream of traveling the world for the next few years.

I travel with a fiddle because I have become as obsessed with Irish music as with world travel. Music is a truly universal language, is a great way to pass the time, and can be used to easily earn money while traveling. Everything I own is carried on my motorcycle and I’ve allocated about a third of that space to the fiddle with no regrets.

This trip has ceased to be a vacation. It has become a way of life. I travel. I have adventures. I see awe inspiring sights and meet amazing people. I explore the world we live in. I have no clue where this adventure will end….