A New Start: The Seductive Life

I have started a new blog, Seductive Life (The Path Less Traveled) as a showcase for my photography and a location to post my thoughts on the world.

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  • Bill Preetz

    Hey David,

    One of your faithful readers and fans here who have not forgotten you after 2 years! Where in the world are you? My wife Elsa and I completed our 83 day Circle Africa voyage on the MS Rotterdam on Dec 21. I’ll hold off on the exciting details about pirates off Somalia and Iranian gunboats in the Persian Gulf until I know you’re really there! Anyone else (sister/mom) have details on David’s status? We worked together in Sunnyvale, California back in 2011. I saw him head “North to Alaska,” when his great adventure began four years ago and have been a commenter in the intervening years.


  • othalan

    Hi Bill! I am now in Argentina, still out traveling. I am no longer updating this web site, check out my new blog:

    “The Seductive Life”

    That blog is dedicated to my photography and how I live life, but will also include the occasional travel story such as I wrote on this blog at the start of my trip.

    Sounds like you had an amazing adventure around Africa! I look forward to hearing of it some day!

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