New Blog Coming….

To all my loyal readers curious what is happening in my travels:

A new blog is coming! Moving forward in my travels, I need a new design for my blog. This will be a lot cleaner if I start from scratch so I am designing a new blog from the ground up including. Here are some of my ideas for the new blog.  I am not certain how many of these will be implemented, these are my current ideas….

  • Carefully edited photos.  No more posting every photo I take.  I will instead post carefully edited photos to go along with each post.
  • Polished stories.  I will not write about all my experiences traveling.  I will instead post only carefully written stories about something interesting and my views on a location.
  • Advice to travelers.  I will document my accumulated knowledge on travel in the hopes that this will help others begin traveling the world.
  • Long-term equipment reviews.  I will post reviews of equipment I use in travel as per my original intent, now including photographs!
  • Images for sale?  I hope to make my best photographs available for purchase in some form.  Perhaps in the form of large fine-art prints available for purchase online.

Stay tuned for more news and tales from my travels…..

2 comments to New Blog Coming….

  • Bill Preetz

    Hey David,

    Long time, no hear! Elsa and I haven’t been out of the US for 6 months so tomorrow we fly to Belize for 9 days. Was that one of your Central American countries? Our big trip will be in September…Circle Africa! We sail south from Southampton, turn left after Spain, bear right at the end of the Mediterranean Sea, transit Suez Canal, turn left at end of Red Sea, head south after Dubai and disembark in Capetown after 20 countries in 49 days. We could have stayed on for 83 days and covered the west side of Africa, but that seemed a little excessive! We fly Capetown to LHR to SFO. How’s your adventure going? Are you still in Istanbul? Where will you be in the fall?


  • Bill Preetz


    Comments and questions from 2 months ago still apply. Are you still there?


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