Infinite Possibilities

Ireland, Cliffs of Moher

Standing on the edge of the Cliffs of Moher is an exquisitely moving experience. Waves crashing far below. The sun on cliffs that fade away in the distance. Cold wind biting at my nose. The smell of salt on the air. A bare hint of warmth on my face from the distant winter sun. The whole scene leading my gaze off to the horizon. To infinity.

I am truly homeless. A motorcycle nomad wandering the world. I never have a home to return to yet I always return to my home each night to sleep. The United States of America, that amazing country where I lived for decades? It has no special draw to me aside from a desire to visit my family from time to time. It is a strange feeling to be truly adrift in the world.

Strange….and exciting. I am happy and at home anywhere in the world, enjoying the moment, taking delight in the place I have found. Yet my gaze is forever on the horizon. It is an unstable position in which I feel perfectly balanced. An odd dichotomy that somehow suits me perfectly.

Welding at a farm in Ireland

The past few days I called a farm my home. Days passed hard in work constructing a hopper for loading grain into a seed drill. A bit of custom engineering to bridge the gap between the theory of corporate business and the reality of a small farm. The days in the machine shop are long and bitter cold in the Irish winter yet our reward is in seeing a beautiful bit of engineering appear before our eyes. This is a world where time is sufficiently plentiful that there is no sense in spending money to save a few days work. Better to save the money for a better use another day and simply construct what is needed. I see in this humble Irish farm a spirit of ingenuity and possibility that made the USA the amazing nation it is but which I see slipping away today.

It is cold here in Ireland. The humidity. The dampness. It eats into my very bones in a way I never imagined possible. Houses are kept cold and I spend days wrapped up in every bit of clothing I own. Nights curled up under thick blankets, desperately trying to keep the cold air from seeping in through the cracks.

Yet….I am a nomad. A wanderer with no home. Why not go somewhere warm for the winter? Morocco? Turkey? Portugal? India? Mexico? Colombia? Argentina? So many possibilities. Nothing to stop me. Tomorrow I could be on my way to anywhere in the world.

Infinite Possibilities.

3 comments to Infinite Possibilities

  • Marilyn

    So good to hear from you. Remember Papa Bear’s line, “Be where you are!” which seems apt for you at this time.

  • Bill Preetz

    David – Nice to get an update and know that everything is under control.

    BTW, I was born in Ireland and emigrated to US when I was two. I see that you have a marker on your map for Cork, Ireland. My mom and I sailed from Cork to New York City (same route as Titanic) on the Britannic (a relative of Titanic – it was the last ship built for the White Star Line by the Harland and Wolf Shipyard in Belfast). Have you visited Belfast? My wife Elsa and I were on the Cliffs of Moher three years ago..Very inspiring and also very blustery even in August. Last summer we made it to Malin Head, the northernmost tip in Ireland, which is actually in Rep of Ireland. Speaking of the north country, Elsa and I also stopped in Svalbard (76 deg North) right after our Cliffs of Moher visit. We got to see the midnight sun in August. I’d recommend waiting a few more months before venturing that far north! Take care. – Bill

  • Grant

    Y’ain’t been ter Asia yet y’Tosser!

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