The Road Goes Ever On

The Road to Infinity

This photo, taken in northern Argentina, sums up my entire year. The road stretching out ahead of me into infinity, destination unknown. Joy, sorrow, love, hate, adventure, routine boredom, certainty, irresolution, nothing and infinite possibility. All bundled up together. Along the way I find treasure. Blazing bright nuggets of gold hidden away in the people I meet.

It is not comforting nor is it secure. It is at times very lonely. I frequently feel lost and uncertain. It is a life passionately exploring the depth and breadth of what this world has to offer. A life given completely to the quest for treasure. I am forever moving on. Yet those moments I find that bit of treasure, that blazing bright beauty, leave me in awe of the world we live in.

Then I see an awakening. I hear words filled with wonder. Someone who has touched my life that begins to see the same treasure I see. In the world. In their self. I see the doors of possibility opening ahead of someone. And suddenly that infinite road ahead of me is no longer so lonely.

It is my passion. My transcendent purpose.

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