Review: Sidi Crossfire Boots

Talking to people about riding off of pavement made one thing very clear to me: The ankles are extremely fragile. With this in mind I chose the best off-road boots I could find for my travels: The Sidi Crossfire TA. I chose these boots for the ankle protection, flexible ankle joint (for ease of walking) and comfort. There are two versions of this boot, the “SRS” version with soles easily changed by the owner and the “TA” sole which requires a professional for repairs but are better for walking. I chose the later for the better traction walking around.


The protection these boots provide is outstanding. I had my foot trapped or yanked around in ways which could have severely injured my foot or ankle with a lesser boot.


After more than three years of constant use the metal toe plate has fallen off and there are numerous scuff marks but the boots are otherwise in great condition.

Design and Comfort

These boots are incredibly comfortable and well designed but they are not perfect. There is no way to lock them to the bike, in hot weather they become uncomfortable and in rain they leak water a little bit. Nothing major. Just minor nuisances.


These boots are great for riding and surprisingly comfortable for walking but they are far too heavy to walk in for an extended period of time. This makes them less than ideal for travel. However, there probably is no better compromise for the type of riding my desire to protect my ankles.

Overall Rating:

I have no regrets about choosing these boots for my travels. Any drawbacks are far outweighed by the comfort, excellent design and outstanding protection.

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  • Bill Preetz


    Just visited my 70th country a few days ago. My wife Elsa and I took a cruise to Aruba, Bonaire, Grenada, Barbados, Antigua and Haiti. I’m in Orlando now visiting my sister-in-law. Elsa and I were in Barcelona and Ireland in August. I was born in Ireland. If I knew you were heading there, I would have recommended a summer trip.


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