Review: Motoport Ultra II Kevlar Pant

Please Note: My reviews are subjective to my own use. I make no attempt at a review that objectively considers the usefulness and quality for other people because my goal here is to document how each product worked for me. This could give me an opinion on the product radically different than someone else.

I chose Motoport kevlar riding gear because reviews indicated it offers very good protection combined with flexibility to be used in any weather. For the pants I chose the Motoport Ultra II Kevlar Pant. I upgraded the armor to “Quad Armor”.


When I first bought the pants I tested the quad armor by dropping to my knees on concrete from standing and I felt nothing. I have slid along pavement at a speed I estimated to be over 60 mph (96 kph) and walked away with not even a bruise, though the pants were a little torn up. Top marks for protection. Note that the material of the pants is the “stretch kevlar” which is a little bit warmer than air mesh kevlar I chose for the jacket and not as strong, thus the tearing under conditions which left the jacket only lightly scuffed.


The pants are still in perfect condition with one very significant exception: On both legs, the material has torn where it has caught on the metal grate of footpegs designed for off-road riding. This has not compromised protection it shows the relative weakness of the stretch kevlar compared to the air mesh kevlar. I do not have faith these pants would last anywhere near the amount of time as the jacket.

Design and Comfort

The design is brilliant, allowing them to be put on and taken off with the greatest of ease. The are surprisingly comfortable in even the hottest of weather yet still useful on very cold days. The stretch kevlar provides a greater range of temperature comfort compared to the air mesh kevlar which I appreciate on the legs as it is more difficult to add and remove layers.


When traveling the world I demand everything I carry be useful in as many different situations as possible. Like the jacket, these pants fail in this category. They are so heavy and bulky that walking is incredibly tiring. I could run up and down stairs for an hour and use less energy than the average trip up stairs to a hostel. The bulk also gets annoying at times when riding standing up on dirt and mud. All this would be minor if I were living somewhere permanently but it becomes a major problem as a traveler.

Overall Rating:

I love these pants and would choose them again for anything except long term travel. The uncompromising protection is nothing short of amazing. However, that same uncompromising nature is not well suited to me for long term travel where compromise, in the form of multiple possible uses, is very important. The pants are too heavy, too bulky and too limited in usefulness to be a great choice for the way I travel the world.

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