Review: Motoport Marathon Air Mesh Kevlar Jacket

Please Note: My reviews are subjective to my own use. I make no attempt at a review that objectively considers the usefulness and quality for other people because my goal here is to document how each product worked for me. This could give me an opinion on the product radically different than someone else.

I chose Motoport kevlar riding gear because reviews indicated it offers very good protection combined with flexibility to be used in any weather. For the jacket I chose the Marathon Air Mesh Kevlar Jacket for maximum comfort. I upgraded the armor to “Quad Armor,” added a ID pocket with a plastic cover on the right sleeve near the wrist, and a zippered pocket on the left sleeve near the wrist.


When I first bought the jacket I tested the quad armor by slamming my elbow onto concrete with all my strength and I felt nothing. I have slid along pavement at a speed I estimated to be over 60 mph (96 kph) and walked away with not even a bruise and only minor scuff marks on the jacket. Top marks for protection.


The jacket is still in perfect condition with one very significant exception: The sleeves have a zipper at the wrist to make getting in and out of the jacket easier and allow for increased ventilation. The zipper pull on both zippers came off more than a year ago. While this is an extremely minor point, the difficult of closing those zippers without a proper zipper pull is significant. Yet even with this flaw I expect this jacket could easily last for decades of use.

Design and Comfort

The design of this jacket generally spectacular. It feels great, is comfortable in any riding condition and has lots of features that are generally well thought out, such as an inside pocket to store the jacket liner, a camelback for water or anything else you can imagine of that general size.

The flaws are all in the pockets.

The right side breast pocket opens at the side and gets used constantly. The left side breast pocket opens at the top and is very awkward to use so remains permanently empty. That pocket should either have a side opening like the right side pocket or else be removed entirely.

The pockets I added to the sleeves are incredibly useful but should be swapped. I did not specify which sleeve for which pocket and the result was very poorly thought out. The ID pocket should always be on the left sleeve because security guards will always be on the left side of the bike to look at a badge. But the pocket was placed on the right sleeve forcing me to put the bike into neutral and twist around so my badge can be looked at. Still incredibly useful when riding through security checkpoints with a badge but annoying. Similarly, the zippered pocket is on the wrong sleeve to maximize usefulness. It makes a great location to store coins for toll roads, but the payment booth is always on the left side of the bike. This means I need to take off the right glove to access the change and then usually the left glove as well to handle it. With that pocket on the right sleeve I could take off only one glove to save time and drivers behind me would be less annoyed by the delay.


When traveling the world I demand everything I carry be useful in as many different situations as possible. Unfortunately this jacket almost completely fails in this category. It cannot be worn around town. It is too heavy and too bulky. The Aerotek liner can be used separately as a raincoat with or without its thermal liner, but even that is flawed. It needs to be a little bit longer for good protection against the rain and needs pockets for the hands and small items. It also is simply not comfortable to wear walking around. All this would be inconsequential if I were living somewhere permanently but it becomes a major nuisance as a traveler.

Overall Rating:

I love this jacket and would choose it again for anything except long term travel. The uncompromising protection is nothing short of amazing. However, that same uncompromising nature is not well suited to my form of long term travel where compromise, in the form of multiple possible uses, is very important to me. The jacket is too heavy, too bulky and too limited in usefulness to be a great choice for me as a world traveler.

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