Review: Motoport Kevlar Racing Glove

Please Note: My reviews are subjective to my own use. I make no attempt at a review that objectively considers the usefulness and quality for other people because my goal here is to document how each product worked for me. This could give me an opinion on the product radically different than someone else.

I chose Motoport kevlar riding gear because reviews indicated it offers very good protection combined with flexibility to be used in any weather. The gloves are the Kevlar Racing Gloves.


These gloves have lots of minor and major abuse and show only minor wear. They have protected my hands very well in all situations ranging from sliding along pavement to getting stuck between handlebars and a rock. Top marks for protection.


The only sign of wear on these gloves is one knuckle protector that has come off (closest to the tip of the finger). I consider this minor because I have yet to see any added benefit to these small patches. All other wear is related to the gloves protecting my hands. I am satisfied that the protection remains uncompromised.

Design and Comfort

The gloves are uncomfortable to wear. They have an internal seam which can become painful against the fingers. They also do not work well with the jacket. The cuff is not large enough to fit over the jacket sleeve and difficult to fit well inside the sleeve.


The gloves are good for general cruising but the fingers are too stiff to be a good choice for dirt riding where I prefer to be able to move my fingers as quick as possible between the hand grips and the brake/clutch levers. However, they keep the hands comfortable at a surprising range of temperatures.

Overall Rating:

I really should have replaced these gloves a long time ago but for too long I was tied to the wonderful protection they provide over the comfort and and more general usefulness of leather gloves. I have have used these gloves for over three years and can honestly say that while they are highly functional, it was a mistake to keep using them. I would probably buy them again if I were permanently living somewhere and thus had the luxury of separate gloves for highway cruising and dirt riding but as a world traveler I do not have the space available to carry riding gloves for different purposes.

That said…I have used these gloves for about three years now. They are not bad gloves. They are comfortable in a very wide range of temperatures, they are highly protective, they can be washed, they do not loose strength when wet and I am perfectly willing to suffer with the drawbacks. I might someday replace them if I have the money to spare but until that day I have no problem with continuing to use them.

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