The Journey Continues

To all of you wondering what has happened, why the blog posts stopped, this is for you. I am still out traveling the world and I am more dedicated to it than ever. Yet for the moment I am far more interested in living life than writing about it and so this blog is on indefinite hiatus. I will almost certainly start posting again someday so I highly recommend you sign up for email notifications of new posts (Subscribe Here).

Here is a short summary of what has been going on in the past months:

In Argentina I discovered tango dancing and have fallen in love with it. I spent more than three months learning tango and am thinking I will probably return to Buenos Aires for to learn more before I leave the continent. Those who know me know how surprising this is that tango has become one of the great passions in my life.

To learn tango dancing I dropped all my plans for Chile and southern Argentina with no regrets. I will be back to this part of the world someday to visit those amazing places but for now I have a different road to travel.

I have seen so many amazing sights, had so many indescribable experiences, met some truly fantastic people. Taking people for rides on the Phoenix, finding moments that take our breath away. Finding new friends, connections formed in a moment that will last a lifetime. Standing at the Devil’s Throat at Iguazu Falls, a feeling so powerful it touched my soul. Discovering in Brazil, in the state of Minas Gerais, a warm hearted open friendliness I haven’t experienced since Colombia.

I have been in Brazil for close to a month now. It is an amazing country, though my time here has been filled with challenges and bad luck. I have only time to just barely scratch the surface of this amazing country in the time I have. I feel I must return someday to experience it in more depth but now is not that time.

I will travel to Europe in June. I know I will be in Poland in late June soon after I arrive but other than that I have, as is typical, no clue where I will be when. I will miss Latin America, there are so many places I have come to love. I know I will be back here someday to visit places I have not yet seen and revisit places I came to love.

If any of you are still thinking I will someday come to my senses and return home or go back to a so-called “normal” life you will have a long time waiting for that day to come. I am more dedicated than ever to wandering the world. I could no longer be content in working in an office all day. I am no longer the person who studied for that life. I have no clue where this road will lead, I do not predict the future. I just know that for now who I am is a wanderer exploring this earth.

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  • Bill Preetz

    David, consulting business is slowing down, so I decided to adopt your lifestyle…sort of…temporarily! My wife Elsa and I just got back to US after spending two months in East Asia. Visited 12 countries total. Here’s the list: Philippines, Brunei, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Macau, Mainland China, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar and South Korea. Countries with most impact were Malaysia, Cambodia and South Korea.

    We went to Borneo in Malaysia to see the orangutans. The week before we got there forces of the Sultan of Sulu in a troubled part of the Philippines invaded Borneo and killed 70 people. We went anyway. Cambodia was beautiful, but sad because of the killing fields. Our guide was a child at the time and was one of the survivors, but others in his family were not. South Korea was exciting because we were scheduled to go to Panmunjom in the DMZ. Panmunjom is the blue bldg which is half in South Korea and half in North Korea. The worst case scenario was that WWIII would start the day we were there, but fortunately it didn’t!

    A couple of cases where our paths crossed, but not at same time: we did a PanCan cruise last October and sailed from Colon to Cartegena. Two years ago, we did a Baltic cruise and spent a day in Gdansk, Poland. I’d like to get back to Europe in Aug or Sep. Where do you think you’ll be then?

  • Bill Preetz


    I can see that daily updates on the blog must have been a real workout, but how about quarterly updates. All your fans would like to know what country you’re in and that all is well. My wife, Elsa, and I head off to Europe in two weeks for a month. Seven countries on the list this time which will bring my total to 63!


  • othalan

    Hey Bill! I have recently been thinking about how to get back into this. I do not have the interest in writing daily anymore. So I am considering monthly updates or sometimes per-country updates. If that works I will see how it goes and consider if I want to write more or less often. I will start soon with my experience so far in Romania…

    Any idea where you are going? Sometime in August I will leave Romania. At the very least I want to get to Switzerland, Germany and Belgium. Though other than those I suspect I will likely spend most of my time in eastern Europe.


  • Bill Preetz


    Greetings from Venice! Elsa and I are on a Mediterranean cruise out of Barcelona. We dock in Dubrovnik on Tuesday Aug 20…two days at sea and back to Barcelona. Drive to Andorra for the day…fly to Lisbon for 3 days and then 7 days in Ireland where I was born. Fly to Boston on Sep 4 for a wedding and back to Bay Area on Sep 10. This trip should run my country count to 65! We almost did a river cruise through Romania, but the rivers were too dry.

    Glad to hear all is well and updates will be forthcoming at a greater than requested quarterly rate!


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