Crater Maragua (Almost)

I keep hearing about Crater Maragua not far from Sucre so I decide that is a perfect shakedown ride for the Phoenix. So I find an interesting passenger and head out for the day. It was an amazing day. We even almost made it to our destination….

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Phoenix Reborn

Today we put the final touches on the Phoenix and find out if it still works. Here is how we left it last night:

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How To Assemble A KLR

Today you get a lesson on how to assemble a KLR from its component parts!

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On motorcycle repair news, I just got a call from the shop: The frame has been welded and we will pick it up in the morning! We will start reassembling everything immediately. This is an amazing speed record for Latin America, and speaks well for the professionalism of both the repair shop and the welder!

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Facebook Link Redux

Try #2 at this facebook link thing. I created a “fan page” for my web site / blog. In theory I can have updates put there automatically, but I suspect it isn’t working at all right now, not even the author timeline link that was working previously. But that is why I am creating this . . . → Read More: Facebook Link Redux


I’ve found a shop in Sucre that can fix up the Phoenix, Motocar. The activity for Day #1? Lets find out how many pieces a KLR650 can be split into!

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Silence in the City

Today is National Pedestrian’s Day in Bolivia. Almost no cars at all on the road. It is rather nice, though a tad spooky to be in the middle of a big city and have perfect silence.

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Lots of travelers use Facebook as more or less their only source of communication with the rest of the world and other travelers. I really have no interest in getting into Facebook (sorry Facebook fans), however I have setup a Facebook page and am working on linking it to my web site. If I’m lucky, . . . → Read More: Facebook

Translations, Timers and Performance Updates

I’ve made some changes to the web site based on ideas I’ve had in the past months, other travelers I’ve met, and requests from people who have looked at the site. Here is a list of the changes:

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A Moment of Pure Terror

Sucre. The most beautiful town in Bolivia if you believe the guide books. Sounds like it is worth a visit, and besides I have a few minor bits of maintenance to do, which is always easier in a city.

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