Enough of cities, time for some scenery. So I head to the national park Torotoro.

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La Paz really doesn’t have much to offer in the way of activities, or interesting sights. Traffic is just too bad to be worth exploring the city and even the locals struggle to tell me interesting places to visit. I’m tempted to return to Coroico (down the Death Road) then ride south to Cochabamba, however I’ve heard there are bridges missing and river crossings more than 16 inches deep (40 cm) and wide. Not difficult on my motorcycle, but more than a bit risky traveling alone. Almost nobody traveling those roads and if I go down mid-river I would be stuck. As fun as the route sounds, just not worth the risk. So instead I ride directly to Cochabamba. . . . → Read More: Lost


I heard Tiwanaku is the best of the ruins in Bolivia and an easy day trip from La Paz. Worth checking out. I just hope its worth suffering through La Paz traffic.

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The Road of Death

When passing by a road with the distinction of being the “World’s Most Dangerous Road”, now could any self-respecting adventurer not check it out? . . . → Read More: The Road of Death

Life On The Road: Sustainable Travel

I’ve spent a lot of time lately thinking about how I make travel sustainable over the long term. How have I managed to travel for 14 months so far when few people are willing to travel more than a year? How do I maintain interest in travel for several more years? But these are the . . . → Read More: Life On The Road: Sustainable Travel

Maintenance Log

I keep a maintenance log of what I’ve done to the Phoenix for maintenance, repair, and modification. This information is now available at the bottom of the Bike Information page.

Bullfight videos uploaded!

I’ve uploaded the bullfight videos! The original post about the bullfight has been updated.

Bolivia: First Impressions

I’m always amazed at how big a difference a border can make. None has been so drastic as that between the USA and Mexico, yet with every country the change is dramatic and immediate. Bolivia is no exception.

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Peru: Final Thoughts

Peru has left me with lots of conflicted opinions about the country. I feel somewhat like I haven’t given it the chance it deserves, even though I’ve been here for three months. Or possibly the inevitable just happened….

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Cairns Galore!

I’m rapidly approaching Bolivia, but Peru still has a few amazing sights left….

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