To Be or Not To Be (A Software Engineer)?

The good news: I found a new computer. The bad news: I found a new computer. The irony: I found a new computer.

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Huzzah, I got some tires! It took over a week of calling, emailing, and badgering a shop in Lima. A process that should have taken just more than a couple of hours. But I finally have a new pair of Continental TKC-80 tires mounted and ready to roll! Though I will definitely miss the Michelin . . . → Read More: Tires

Scenes from Cusco

Cusco has lots of interesting things hidden away in various locations. Not as many photogenic locations as I expected based on how interesting most of the architecture is, but there are still some interesting things to share:

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Pisac is a very spectacular set of Inca ruins. The quality of the stonework is incredible: Sometimes not even a single blade of grass will fit between the stones!

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Arrival at Cusco

Cusco. Famous tourist destination in Peru in the heart of the “Sacred Valley” of the Incas and generally agreed upon as the most interesting city in Peru. I can but agree.

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Some days I’m more interested in the people, scenery, culture, and my own reactions to them. Other days it is just the Phoenix, the road, and me. The past week has mostly been the later. At times something spectacular pops out at me but most of the time I simply move along in a state . . . → Read More: FrankenSprocket


I have technically been in the Altiplano (“High Plains”) for some time now but today I get a taste of what it really means…

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Across the Andes yet again. More amazing scenery. As an added bonus today I meet some dedicated yet ill prepared college students on bicycles.

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Mystified by Huaraz

Before leaving Chavin de Huantar I stop by the ruins. More interesting than most with a maze of tunnels to explore. What carvings still exist are mostly cat themed, typically anthropomorphic jaguars according to the signs. The remainder supposedly are “scary” with “snakes coming out of the head,” though how the archaeologists decided they are . . . → Read More: Mystified by Huaraz

The Undead Computer

Ok, I admit it: My computer is dead. Yet somehow I keep using it. The only possible conclusion I can come to is that my computer is now undead.

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