Marcahuamachuco is called the “Machu Picchu of northern Peru” by archaeologists. Huge and spectacular. But not much is known about this isolated pre-Inca culture.

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Edward Scisorhands

I have to admit I am not all that fond of the cities in the highlands of northern Peru. The people are not nearly as friendly as Ecuador and Colombia, the hotels are not well designed for travelers (they were a lot of my inspiration in getting to my previous post), and there are fewer . . . → Read More: Edward Scisorhands

Life On The Road: Hostels

After a recent comment about a bad experience at a Bed & Breakfast, I started thinking about what makes a good place to sleep, and how I find such places. Throughout this post I use the word “hostel” because that is the name travelers look for most often, but really I am talking about any . . . → Read More: Life On The Road: Hostels

Tastes Like….

Cuy. A delicacy in Peru and Ecuador. Known in the English language as guinea pig. I finally found some at the same time I was looking for food….

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You Call This A Road?

Alternate Title: I Almost Escaped Intact

Leaving Cajamarca, there was a detour. For the first time ever in Latin America, the detour is well marked and I have no trouble finding the route back to the main road. Or so I thought. I missed a sign. Or perhaps they assumed I knew where to go . . . → Read More: You Call This A Road?

Pigs Are Not

The road from Leymabamba to Celendin is amazing. I think it is the most incredible scenery I’ve seen on the entire trip. It is all dirt and I saw perhaps one car an hour. Sit back and enjoy the scenery…. . . . → Read More: Pigs Are Not


Just a rainy afternoon in Leymabamba, Peru, a small village not far south of Chachapoyas.

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Different Assumptions

Some interesting sights I missed taking a picture of when I rode into Chachapoyas, because it was raining….

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Angry Llamas Sound Like Howler Monkeys

The city of Chachapoyas, Peru, is named after a civilization that lived in the area before the Inca. There are lots of small interesting archaeological locations in the area, but the largest and most accessible is Kuelap. . . . → Read More: Angry Llamas Sound Like Howler Monkeys

Pictures From The Past

Here is a small collection of pictures other people have sent me. Most have been sitting in my mailbox a long time now….can you guess where they were taken?


1-4: 2011/08/01 Boya Lake Provincial Park, British Colombia, Canada

5-6: 2011/12/25 Belize

7: 2012/02/01 San Blas Islands off the coast of Panama, . . . → Read More: Pictures From The Past