Live Music

Not much to say about my return to Quito. Getting a chance to play at an Irish Pub, even in Ecuador, was fun. But Quito is not a city I particularly enjoy so I high tailed it out of there about as fast as I could when I finished….

Land of Landslides

I leave Quito knowing I will return. I have mixed feelings about this as I go because I really do not like this city enough to come back. But I was offered an opportunity I cannot pass up: There is an Irish bar in town and they offered to let me play in one week . . . → Read More: Land of Landslides

Why Hasn’t Boulder Thought Of This?

Quito, capital city of Ecuador. It is just another big city with not much to recommend it as a destination. But there are a few interesting sights.

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Mindo is a small tourist town, but from what I’ve heard it should be quiet enough to be relaxing and interesting instead of annoying. It turns out its reputation is well deserved. Chocolate, birds, a frog concert, and lots of peace and quiet.

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Ecuador: First Impressions

Ecuador. The border was so easy I was in almost before I knew I had left Colombia. What a difference from the hours of tedium needed for those countries throughout Central America! My first impression of Ecuador, right from the border, is that I love this country. The people speak slowly and clearly. The countryside is beautiful. And they have this poster at the border crossing: . . . → Read More: Ecuador: First Impressions

Colombia: Final Thoughts

I have a new clutch and a working bike. I get to travel again! The clutch install was easy and the change dramatic….it must have been closer to failing than I thought. A few other minor tweaks and it is time to move on towards Ecuador…..

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A Slow Lingering Death

I can no longer deny it. My computer is dying. The good news is that it is not actually dead. In fact it is almost fully functional, I just need to be careful and repair an occasional problem. I won’t bore you with the details, the end result is that from time to time I . . . → Read More: A Slow Lingering Death

Cali Complications

I arrive in Cali right as my new Vapor Digital Dash arrives at the hostel. Perfect! Perhaps just a couple of days and I can get out of here back to the mountains! Heh. I should know better than to even think something like that! . . . → Read More: Cali Complications