Stuck in Cali

No time in the near future for an update, so here is a temporary update on my status for those curious on why it is quiet again.

I am stuck in Cali. I installed the new vapor digital dash and it works great. Then I went to fix an oil leak on the clutch side . . . → Read More: Stuck in Cali

Mini Me

Salento, Colombia. A tourist town that has not yet joined the main tourist circuit for Colombia. Still a steady stream of tourists passing through, but they tend to be a bit more interesting than normal. People who want to get away from the parties and jaded vendors of the primary tourist locations. It is a . . . → Read More: Mini Me

Life On The Road: The (Almost) Universal Constant

Not so many years ago I would not drink beer at all. I eventually started drinking Guinness and other similar dark beers. I came to enjoy them greatly, but would drink nothing else. Now that I am on the road traveling I will drink almost any beer. The reason? Beer seems to be a nearly . . . → Read More: Life On The Road: The (Almost) Universal Constant

Motorcycles In The Mist

The bike can be ridden again. It is not perfect but it is good enough to ride to Cali where I will finish the electrical work and perhaps do some maintenance. I intended to get out of town as fast as possible, but I meet Leo a former motorcycle traveler who has retired to Colombia. . . . → Read More: Motorcycles In The Mist

One Stumbling Step Forward

I spent all day Monday over at King Aluminum working with them on the new dash. We finished it. For a very loose definition of finished….

. . . → Read More: One Stumbling Step Forward

Waldo’s Return

As a trial run I am re-enabling the widget that shows the location I last had internet access. I’ve found a way to keep it updated easily. But no clue how accurate it will be when I am in some of the more remote locations in the world because it works through a manually created . . . → Read More: Waldo’s Return

Stranded and Stircrazy

Still stranded in Medellin waiting on the shop here to do its work fabricating the new bracket I need. After a week and a half I’m going stir crazy. Medellin is fine for a big city, but it I really am not all that interested in big cities and without a bike there isn’t much . . . → Read More: Stranded and Stircrazy

Hurry Up And Wait

King Aluminum begins work on my motorcycle today. They have one person who speaks some English, so between his poor English and my poor Spanish we eventually all understand what I want to do. They have another KLR there that has had hard cases made and it looks amazing. Better quality rack and box than . . . → Read More: Hurry Up And Wait

Road to Repair

Villa de Leyva to Medellin. Look at almost any map and it is a long journey traveling almost all the way south to Bogota before passing over the mountains and turning north to Medellin. Or one can trust that a dirt road hinted at on only a few maps actually exists and go directly across . . . → Read More: Road to Repair

Whitewashed Paradise

Someone must have been very naughty….. . . . → Read More: Whitewashed Paradise