Life On The Road: The Small Things

Sometimes it is the small things that are the most memorable.

On cold night high in the mountains of Colombia the blankets on the bed are heavy and piled high. This reminds me of a cold and snowy winter night in Colorado, though I am in a city that may never have seen snow.

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Echoes from Home

I’ve stumbled upon a little bit of perfection. Almost unbelievable in its beauty. It reminds me of the best scenery of Nevada, Utah and western Colorado, all packed into one small region. Words cannot express the beauty of this place so I will leave you to browse the pictures.

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Ruins and Oddities

The San Augustin Archaeological Park is the main tourist attraction around here. The area was thriving city at one time in the distant past, but another culture later used the site as a graveyard for important people. The interesting part is the statues guarding the tombs….

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Colombia’s Most Dangerous Road?

I’ve been warned against some places in Colombia because they still have lots of activity by drug cartels and guerrillas. One road in particular I was warned against frequently because it looks like an attractive route. “People Die There!” I am warned. Yet I’m a bit suspicious when I cannot find any actual first-hand knowledge . . . → Read More: Colombia’s Most Dangerous Road?

Cheap Luxury

Doris and Charlie from the Stahlratte are headed towards San Augustin. I’ve been thinking of traveling the same direction so we all head out together. I find myself a bit torn on the idea of riding with others right now. It can be lots of fun, but even the best traveling companions can be limiting . . . → Read More: Cheap Luxury


Sorry for the recent outages with this web site. They have hopefully been resolved. Read on for details of what happened…

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Night On The Town

One last night in Cali. I’ve been so busy with the bike I have not seen much of the town. Can’t leave without seeing at least a few of the local sights….

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The Casa Blanca hostel in Cali is a perfect location to work on a motorcycle because there are lots of shops nearby, including one fantastic person who can lead you to other stores around town for specialized help. Yet it is amazing how much time it can take to accomplish even the simplest of tasks. . . . → Read More: Maintenance

I Must Be Insane…

I regret leaving Manizales so quickly, I have a feeling I would enjoy spending time in this town. But I still want to get my luggage problems sorted out so I move on to Cali. It is a beautiful ride through the mountains until I get back down to the plains and the long boring . . . → Read More: I Must Be Insane…


My luggage rack is deteriorating. I could probably still nurse it along and take my time arriving in Cali, but it is grating on my nerves. As I’ve noted before, I sometimes think there is not much difference between the Phoenix and I, and I don’t think I will be able to rest easy until . . . → Read More: Manizales