Review: Vibranator (updated)

This is an update of a previous review of the Vibranator. I have spent several months and thousands of miles riding with the Vibranator only in the left side of the handlebars. This has changed my opinion of the product for the better….

The Vibranator is a small device that fits inside the handlebars which is designed to reduce vibration transmitted to the hands.


(UPDATED) I originally noticed no difference, but now that I’ve used only one side for several months I have found a small difference in vibration between my hands. The difference only appears at very high RPM (6000 or above).


$70 for two small pieces of metal that produce no discernible difference is ridiculous. The only saving grace is that a 30-day unconditional money back guarantee is provided, which I was not smart enough to take advantage of.

(opinion unchanged)

Overall Rating:

The Vibranator is clearly designed to work on a type of vibration the KLR650 simply does not produce for the type of riding I do on my RTW trip. For me, this product still gets a low rating, but I can see a hint that on a different bike it might do wonders. Even for a KLR650 it might be useful if riding lots of interstate in the USA, just now on a RTW trip where RPM stays too low to produce the vibrations this product seems designed to handle.

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