A Fishy Head!

We did not intend to go all the way to Panama City in one day. Honest! But there was nothing interesting along the way from David unless detouring 50km from the main highway, which we did not feel like doing. So instead we head directly for Panama City.

If I thought it felt a lot . . . → Read More: A Fishy Head!

My Very Own City!

Another hot day, another border crossing. This time to Panama. My last for Central America. The crossing itself was easier than most, except that the insurance agent was out to lunch so we had to wait around an extra hour. But to compensate, the actual border itself is a fun one to cross:

. . . → Read More: My Very Own City!

Cute Fuzzy Critters

Costa Rica. A beautiful, expensive and touristy country I will need to, yet again, pass through far too quickly.

A couple of days at the Rinconcito Lodge by the Rincon National Park in north-west Costa Rica. I need more time to sort out a solution for my luggage problems. I’ve decided on the Enduristan Monsoon . . . → Read More: Cute Fuzzy Critters

Life On The Road: Happily Homeless

Homeless. A bad word back home. It brings up visions of scruffy people living on the street, begging for coins, and best avoided when possible. Yet I am now accurately described as being homeless myself, a condition I worked hard to achieve. It is even a matter of pride, for me and for others who . . . → Read More: Life On The Road: Happily Homeless


A good friend of mine once said he would never trust me with high-tech tools before noon. You know, things like hammers, screwdrivers, etc. I find it hard to disagree with him. Case in point: The Nicaragua border.

I left early and arrived at the border somewhere around 8:30AM. Leaving Honduras was trivial. About one . . . → Read More: Dying

The Places I Pass By

As enjoyable as it has been sitting around the D&D brewery relaxing and drinking beer, it is time to move on. My goal today: Reach a town near the Nicaragua border. This will mean 300km or more today, more distance than I have traveled in one day since the USA, but I am running out . . . → Read More: The Places I Pass By


Now that I am feeling better, it is time to move on to Honduras. I’m certain I missed a lot in El Salvador, but I have a lots of places to go still before the boat to Columbia.

Shortly after I enter Honduras, I stop to check my map when this guy stops by to . . . → Read More: Beer!

Review: Caribou Cases 36L Panniers (updated)

This is an update to a previous review of these panniers.

Update 7 December 2014: It is very important to consider that this review very old. Roger (the owner of Caribou Luggage) has notified me that the mounting system is significantly improved. I have removed from consideration my concerns about the original mounting system and . . . → Read More: Review: Caribou Cases 36L Panniers (updated)

Review: Vibranator (updated)

This is an update of a previous review of the Vibranator. I have spent several months and thousands of miles riding with the Vibranator only in the left side of the handlebars. This has changed my opinion of the product for the better….

The Vibranator is a small device that fits inside the handlebars which . . . → Read More: Review: Vibranator (updated)

Life On The Road: Luxuries

When I left on this trip I decided to allow myself exactly one luxury item: my fiddle. Everything else has a practical justification related to the trip which far outweighs any purely personal momentary enjoyment. Now that I’ve been on the road more than half a year, I am no longer certain the fiddle quite . . . → Read More: Life On The Road: Luxuries