Valcanoes, Sunglasses, and Other Earth Shattering Events

The drawback of traveling in the off-season: Campgrounds are frequently closed. So instead of a short relaxing day at a campground near Mexico City I get to ride past some volcanoes into Puebla.

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Teotihuacan is one of the more spectacular ruins to visit because it is completely uncovered. Not completely explored, the archaeologists are still working on that, but the surface structures are all out there to see. The Pyramid of the Sun (or possibly Rain they now think) is one of the largest in the world.

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Life On The Road: Learning Spanish

Learning Spanish has been an interesting process. I have made rapid progress, but it has really highlighted just how strange the brain can be at times. Take, for example, a very common situation where I am trying to understand a conversation between two people. What happens internally in my brain goes something like this….

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Today I hunt down a rear tire for my motorcycle. Gary has helped me hunt around town, but one of the quirks of Mexico is that one cannot find for certain what a store has in stock over the phone, nor determine the exact price. The local Honda store sounds like a likely candidate, so . . . → Read More: Tires

Old Stuff

Today I venture into town. Just getting there takes an hour and a half including a bus ride and two subway trains.

First time I’ve been ridden a subway train. Overall, just as boring as you might expect. Though when I changed trains to reach downtown, the train was rather full. Breathing room only. Barely. . . . → Read More: Old Stuff

Mexico City

Mexico City. Fifth largest city “amalgamation” in the world at 21+ million people (but in reality probably closer to 27 million from what I have heard). As with Mexico in general, Mexico City is a place I was told not to go. The comments are typically something like these:

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OOPS, I mis-filed a picture from Laguna de la Media Luna, so you get it out of place here as it is one of my favorites:

Today I get my first taste of the jungle. I am certain it is an environment I will come to know well, but for now it is strange and . . . → Read More: Jungle

The Most Beautiful Place I’ve Ever Hated

Laguna de la Media Luna (Half Moon Lagoon) is without question the most beautiful place I’ve ever hated.

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Moving On

NOTE: In case you missed it, I posted about La Bufa out of order

As I explore Zacatecas between Spanish lessons, I find a seemingly endless supply of interesting scenes.

The Museum Rafael Coronel. This fortress is now an aging monument to times past. Most of the building is free to explore, though there is . . . → Read More: Moving On

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