Review: Vibranator

The Vibranator is a small device that fits inside the handlebars which is designed to reduce vibration transmitted to the hands.


I never noticed any difference when I installed the Vibranators, but at the time I assumed it was because of numerous other changes I made at the same time. However, I now have removed the Vibranator from one side of the handlebars. I notice no difference, or possibly even more vibration on the side where the Vibranator is installed. Perhaps it is designed for a different frequency than the KLR produces with a 685cc kit installed? Or perhaps my Pro Taper SE handle bars are not compatible?


$70 for two small pieces of metal that produce no discernible difference is ridiculous. The only saving grace is that a 30-day unconditional money back guarantee is provided, which I was not smart enough to take advantage of.

Overall Rating:

I am not certain if this is a gimmick or if something in my configuration prevents the Vibranators from working properly, but either way this product rates as a huge waste of money for me.

Note that this is not an impartial review and the Vibranator might perform miracles for someone else. This low rating just indicates that it is not a suitable product for me on this particular tip.

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