Just The Best

The Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area. Beautiful scenery here…

As I ride through I am suddenly struck with a sense of familiarly. This land is starting to resemble the Colorado mountains. It isn’t quite right yet, but I know I am getting close.

I quickly find yet another middle of nowhere . . . → Read More: Just The Best

Places In Between

I’m reminded today of one of my favorite travel movies…

…the interstate highway system. It’s easier to go from one well-traveled place to another. But the places in between, off the highway, even though they’re there, most people zip right past them. Ray, Interstate 60

I’m headed through Wyoming to Colorado. I’ve traversed this state . . . → Read More: Places In Between

Grand Teton National Park

A few interesting sights at this national park, but much the same as most of the other national parks I’ve visited recently. But there were a few fun sights.

A flock of butterflies (horde? gaggle? flight?) fluttered around me when I stopped to take some pictures. One in particular seemed about ready to setup a . . . → Read More: Grand Teton National Park

Alien Worlds

I reached Yellowstone National Park today. I’ve been told that more people visit Yellowstone than any other national park in the nation. I’ve grown tired of crowds at the big, famous parks and the lines of creeping cars. Yet I’d hate to come this close and completely bypass such a famous location.

It quickly becomes . . . → Read More: Alien Worlds

Earthquake Lake

Imagine…in a blink of your eye …you feel the earth rumble beneath your feet …you watch 80 million tons of rock, half a mountain, crashing down …and then the water begins to rise by your camp site. Plaque at Earthquake Lake, MT

This occurred on 17 August 1959, the earthquake a magnitude 7.5. Long dead . . . → Read More: Earthquake Lake

The Valley of Death

I started off in the Valley of Death. It was all downhill from there…

. . . → Read More: The Valley of Death

Life on the Road: Camping

I’ve found many people are baffled that I would prefer camping over a hotel/motel/cabin/etc.. Perhaps this will help clarify my position a bit.

First, let me note that I am not wild camping. I am not stealth camping. I am using primarily campgrounds with full facilities, and less often primitive campgrounds with only an . . . → Read More: Life on the Road: Camping

Glacier National Park

I woke up this morning to a surprise: My bike is coated in frost.

Cozy in my tent I had no clue the temperature had dropped to freezing! This is a bit of a wakeup call. The summer is passing quickly and if I want time in the high mountains of Colorado before it . . . → Read More: Glacier National Park

The Great Conspiracy

Today I am riding through Montana farmland. There are mountains in the far distance on my left, but other than that it is endless farmland and grazing pastures. There are a few hills and some gentle curves to the road, but still there is not much to look at.

There is a time . . . → Read More: The Great Conspiracy

A Slower Pace

I’m finding the USA a bit strange lately in some ways. Alaska, British Columbia, and the Yukon all take life at a leisurely pace once away from the big cities. Speed limits are low, perhaps 60 mph (100 kph) on a major highway, but more likely 55 mph (90 kph). This is not a . . . → Read More: A Slower Pace