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In June 2011 I left the security of my home, job, family, friends and everything familiar for the adventure of traveling the world by motorcycle. I left to see amazing sights, to have grand adventures, meet amazing people and just to get away. The nature of my travels and my dreams for the future have changed many times on this trip. I thought I wanted to just travel the world. It never occurred to me in even my wildest dreams that I might never want to stop.

The world is an amazing place and we never hear the truth of what it is. I’ve been told I would be shot in Mexico, eaten by a bear in Canada, robbed in Peru, kidnapped in Colombia and lost forever in the wilds of Bolivia. I’ve been warned against going to almost every country I’ve passed through, including the country I was born in! None of those warnings have come to pass. Most have proved to be wild fantasies born from events long past, idle speculation or groundless rumors.

Along the way I’ve seen some amazing sights and met incredible people. I spent over a year traveling North America and South America. Then after sixteen months, in Bolivia, I realized my trip was over. This was a surprise to me, especially as I also knew it was not time to return to the USA.

What I realized is I am no longer traveling the world in the traditional sense. I am a nomad. A vagabond. A gypsy. I am an explorer. I no longer want to just pass through these locations I want to take time to get to know each one in detail.

I may never again own the place where I live. I may never again stay long enough in one place to get to know every last detail of the city and its surroundings. In trade I will see amazing sights, explore wondrous cities, learn about strange cultures, and most importantly meet incredible people.

I hope along the way I can share a little bit of the world as I see it. Sometimes this will be blatant when I’ve encountered particularly egregious mis-information, but most of the time I will simply report on my experiences and let you, my readers, draw your own conclusions.

You will find many maps on this site similar to the one shown below.  Whenever a blog post discusses a specific location, there will be a map on that page with a marker showing you where I was.  The map below is an overview which contains all postings I have made so far. You can click on any marker below to start reading, or go directly to the blog postings.